Sunday, June 3, 2012

Today's Bird: White Ibis

One week from today, I'll be leaving for a month-long trip to Peru and Bolivia.  I'll be spending most of my time there birdwatching (although I do have some tourist/cultural things planned as well).  It does mean that my internet access will be extremely spotty and my blog will be going on hiatus until July 10th.  When I get back, I'll have plenty of new bird pictures to post, though!

In celebration of my trip to South America, this week's birds will all be birds that live in here in North America and somewhere in either Peru or Bolivia.  Although there's not a ton of overlap, I have enough for a week's worth of posts.  Some of them are also birds that might live near you, so check them out. 

Today's bird is the White Ibis.  They're really distinct looking and almost impossible to confuse with anything that lives in America.  When they're younger, they're kind of a brown, dirty looking color (you can see a little bit of that left on the front bird's neck) but as they grow they get this bright, white coloring.  

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