Thursday, April 26, 2012

Today's Bird: Monk Parakeet

This technically should be yesterday's bird because I took this picture and added the monk parakeet to my life list YESTERDAY.  Normally, you can spot Green Parakeets around the valley (especially in North Central McAllen) and there's a flock of Red-Crowned Parrots in my neighborhood.  But these little guys aren't usually around.  In fact, the best place I've heard of to see them is in central Austin.  But, I was reading the Lower Rio Grande Valley Birding Hotline Blog and they had an address for these guys.  Should you want to go see them for yourself: go to the corner of 5th and Gardenia in Hidalgo.  Drive down 5th a little ways and you'll see a big nest (see below) on a telephone pole on the left side of the road.  Wait.  They'll be there.

Usually when I go look for something on the Rare Bird Alert, I have to wait around, and maybe I don't get to see it at all.  But the birds were nearly exactly at their reported location and it was the easiest rare life bird ever.  Here they are:

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